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Trump Cuts Funding for Forced Abortions in China

Trump Cuts Funding for Forced Abortions in China

President Trump has stopped funding for the United Nations Population Fund, an agency that reportedly promotes abortion and population control.

According to, the U.N. agency “has been linked with human rights abuses around the world, including forced sterilizations and abortions in China.”

Only President Obama has funded the agency since President Reagan, according to

China restricts the number of children a couple may have to two. Women who exceed that quota could face fines or prison.

John Zmirak writes in a column for The that Christians humbly realize that they cannot control families and population.

“If you believe that other human beings, like you yourself, are the image and likeness of God, of course you won’t even think to try this,” he said. “You will be humble enough to realize that you are not a gardener. You’re just one of the plants, like everyone else.”

Zmirak says that when people or governments try to create “utopias,” they have usually forgotten God.

“But if you abandon the idea that man is the image of God, then all bets are off. You can grab one materialist conception of man or another. You can treat people as the building blocks for a man-made utopia,” he said.


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Publication date: April 5, 2017