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Trump Increases Vulgar and Profane Speech While on Campaign Trail in New Hampshire

Trump Increases Vulgar and Profane Speech While on Campaign Trail in New Hampshire

Donald Trump has been peppering his speeches with expletives while on the campaign trail in New Hampshire.

According to CBS News, Trump has continued not to shy away from shocking crowds with his blunt, and sometimes profane, talk.

During a campaign speech in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Trump told the crowd they could tell companies that relocate overseas in order to get more favorable tax rates “to go f**k themselves.”

CBS News reports that, although known for his vulgar and crude language, Trump’s Portsmouth speech was even more vulgar than usual.

“They’re ripping the sh*t out of the sea,” Trump said while speaking about China’s island-building in the South China Sea.

Trump also commented on President Obama’s use of a Boeing 747 to travel to Hawaii while at the same time advocating for a lighter carbon footprint.

“I’d want to stay in the White House and work my ass off,” said Trump.

Trump came down hard on the current administration, stating, “These guys in Washington--they can’t beat ISIS they can’t beat anyone, Afghanistan is going to hell.”

All these comments have led Salem National News to state that Trump rallies are not child-friendly.

Political commentator Charles Krauthammer also stated, in regard to Trump, “[He’s not conservative. Trump’s winning the nomination would convulse the Republican party, fracture the conservative movement and undermine the GOP’s identity and role as the country’s conservative party.” 

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Publication date: February 5, 2016