Turning Point USA Founder Suggests Lecrae Be Banned from Performing in Churches over His Support of a Pro-Abortion Politician

Turning Point USA Founder Suggests Lecrae Be Banned from Performing in Churches over His Support of a Pro-Abortion Politician

Christian hip hop artist Lecrae says Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk’s call to ban him from performing in Christian churches is “racist rhetoric.”

"I don't think people see the amount of racist rhetoric that comes out they mouth when they try to cancel,” Lecrae told the Higher Learning Podcast with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay, The Christian Post reports.

"You represent one of the largest majority white institutions and organizations out there and you're saying, 'Don't invite this black man into another church again?' All the white supremacy wrapped up in that is crazy that they don't even see it. That's wild to me,” he said.

Lecrae’s response comes after Kirk, founder of the conservative group Turning Point USA, said in January that Lecrae “should never be allowed” to perform in Christian churches because he campaigned and supported Raphael Warnock, a pro-choice Democrat.

“You have the Christian rapper, Lecrae, who comes out and campaigns for Raphael Warnock, the pro-abortion advocate,” Kirk said at a church service at Calvary Chapel Chino church.

“That's the guy who we’re listening to on K-LOVE, who we're supposed to look up to, who, in my personal opinion, should never be allowed to perform at another church after advocating for Raphael Warnock,” he added.

In December 2020, Lecrae performed in Atlanta at a “Get Out the Early Vote Rally & Concert” before runoff elections in Georgia. The event was hosted by Democrats Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

“We all have a very unique opportunity to continue making a difference in this city, continue making a difference in this country and that’s exercising our right to vote,” Lecrae said at the event.

Kirk said he is willing to discuss the issue with Lecrae privately, but he “stand(s) by what I said.” 

Lecrae, however, said Christians need to “care about it all” and people have the “freedom” to make their own decisions.

“Even on a spiritual level, it's like bro, who are you? You can't cancel God's plans. If God wants to use me, He’s gonna use me. What are you talking about? You can't stop the hand of God. If God don't want to use me, then cool. But if He do, He do,” he said.

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