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TV Shows for Children Show Record Number of LGBT Characters

TV Shows for Children Show Record Number of LGBT Characters

Awareness and acceptance of homosexuality has been gaining unprecedented support in America and elsewhere; now that awareness and support is even affecting children’s TV.

In a Christian Today article, Jeff Johnston, Christian media watcher, reported that "There are definitely more gay and transgender characters and stories in children's television."

Johnston has warned that parents who are concerned about the morals and values to which their children are being exposed ought to be aware that homosexual, transgender, and sexually ambiguous characters are becoming more prevalent not only in television shows, but in books and games as well.

One example of this trend from current children’s television includes the two lead heroines from “The Legend of Korra” who were shown holding hands and dissolving into a mist in the show’s final episode. 

Other examples include the boy from the Australian cartoon series "SheZow” who finds a “power ring” that changes him into a girl, an episode from the Disney Channel series “Good Luck Charlie” in which a child is shown with lesbian parents, and the relationship between the two female characters in Cartoon Network's "Adventure Time.”

Johnston warned that "Children are not equipped to handle these adult themes” and these shows may leave them questioning the "sexually-confusing messages."

Publication date: August 12, 2015