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Two Christian Colleges Extend Employment Benefits to Gay Couples

Two Christian Colleges Extend Employment Benefits to Gay Couples

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage, two Christian colleges have extended employment benefits to the spouses of homosexual employees. The Blaze reports Hope College in Michigan and Belmont University in Tennessee will now follow the state’s definition of marriage to include homosexual couples. 

Hope College is affiliated with the Reformed Church of America, a denomination that does not condone homosexuality. 

Regarding the change in policy, President John Knapp said, “In employment policy and practice, Hope College has always followed the state’s legal definition of marriage. Spouses are eligible for benefits, so long as their marriage is legally recognized the state of Michigan.”

Belmont University, a historically Baptist University, also extended benefits to the spouses of gay employees. The university added sexual orientation to its nondiscrimination policy in 2011. 

As previously reported, Baylor University, the largest Baptist university in the world, responded to the Supreme Court’s ruling by eliminating “homosexual acts” from the school’s sexual conduct policy. 

Publication date: July 13, 2015