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Two Priests Share How Their Mother Rejected Doctor’s Advice to Abort

Two Priests Share How Their Mother Rejected Doctor’s Advice to Abort

Two Chilean priests recently shared how their mother chose not to heed her doctor’s advice to abort them and instead chose life.

According to, Fr. Felipe and Fr. Paulo Lizama are twins. When their mother, Rosa Silva, was pregnant with them, her doctor recommended she get an abortion because she had been exposed to X-rays as part of her job as a paramedic before she knew she was pregnant.

When she got an ultrasound, the doctor, not knowing she was carrying twins, reportedly told her, "The baby has three arms and its feet are sort of entangled. It also has two heads.”

He recommended abortion, but Rosa rejected the idea, even when the doctor said her health could be in danger.

"The Lord worked and produced a twin pregnancy," Fr. Felipe told the Catholic News Agency.

Rosa gave birth to Felipe first. Doctors still did not know she was carrying twins, so after Felipe was born they wanted to scrape Rosa’s womb because the placenta had not come out.

Again, Rosa refused their advice, sensing there was another baby inside her. Seventeen minutes later, Fr. Paulo was born.

Thinking back on the miraculous story of his survival, Fr. Paulo stated,  "How can I not defend the God of life?"

"This event strengthened my vocation and gave it a specific vitality, and therefore, I was able to give myself existentially to what I believe,” he continued. “I am convinced of what I believe, of what I am and of what I speak, clearly by the grace of God.”  


Publication date: August 23, 2016