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U.S., Israel Working to Develop a 'Plan B' if Iran Nuclear Talks Fail

  • Amanda Casanova ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor
  • Published Aug 31, 2021
U.S., Israel Working to Develop a 'Plan B' if Iran Nuclear Talks Fail

The U.S. is working with Israel to develop a “Plan B” if nuclear discussions between the U.S. and Iran fail.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Monday that the countries are planning in case there is no deal.

“The United States and Israel share intelligence information, and the cooperation with the United States in this field is only getting stronger. We are working with them in order to establish a Plan B and to demonstrate that if there is no deal, other activities will begin, as President Biden said,” Gantz shared.

According to CBN News, Biden also met with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett last week. Reports say the two men agree that Iran should never obtain a nuclear weapon, but the two men also disagree on how to keep one out of Iran’s hands.

Biden is notably hoping to revive a 2015 nuclear deal that Iran had previously signed. The agreement placed limits on Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for relief on economic sanctions.

Israel, however, has said the nuclear deal isn’t enough protection and still allows other threats, such as proxies and ballistic missiles.

Bennett told reporters he is hoping to persuade Biden away from the nuclear deal, and in a press conference last week, Biden seemed to say that he was open to “other options” if the talks fail.

It is unclear what might be involved in “Plan B,” but Gantz said it could include military action if needed.

“We are allocating resources in order to strengthen our ability to act against challenges in the region, chief among them Iran,” he said.

Recently, U.S. officials had said that Israel’s previous administration, then led by longtime prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, had downgraded its intelligence sharing with the U.S. after Biden took office.

Bennett, however, has said he is hoping to restore a relationship with the U.S.

Photo courtesy: ©Getty Images/Victority

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