Using ‘Jesus’ as Password Online is Not Safe

Using ‘Jesus’ as Password Online is Not Safe

According to data gathered after a major 2009 hacking breach, using “Jesus” as an online password may make your accounts susceptible to hacking.

According to Christianity Today, “jesus” or combinations of the word “jesus” with various numbers, is an extremely common password. Bible verses--and particularly John 3:16, are also extremely common--and therefore not very safe to use in the online world.

More than 21,000 people in the security breach used “jesus” or a combination of “jesus” and other letters or numbers as their password.

Experts say using Bible verses or “jesus” as your password is unsafe and makes you account susceptible to hacking because these kinds of passwords are easy to predict.

Instead, experts advise using words and numbers that are unpredictable and which you do not have displayed anywhere else on your computer, such as for your desktop or phone background.

The top  Christian-related words which are most commonly used in passwords--and therefore should be avoided when creating a password--are “jesus,” “heaven,” “faith,” “blessed,” and “christ.”

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Publication date: January 9, 2017