Evangelical Leaders Now Backing Carson as Support for Trump Slips

Evangelical Leaders Now Backing Carson as Support for Trump Slips

In the latest polls, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is losing support, while his rival, Ben Carson, is gaining ground, especially among evangelicals.

Trump has been leading the polls almost since he entered the presidential race, but polls now show that his lead is beginning to slip, while Carson’s popularity is growing.

Christian Today reports that, especially in conservative states like Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska, Carson is gaining, while Trump is slipping.

Based on the Reuters/Ipsos poll, support for Carson among regular churchgoers has increased from 22 percent in September to 32 percent in November. Trump’s support among the same demographic has slipped from 26 percent to 22 percent.

Polls also show that support for Trump is decreasing among women, while support for Carson among women is growing.

Republican voter Bridget Miller of Stilwell, Kansas, says that Carson’s values align with conservative Christian values.

"Carson is pro-life; he's pro-gun; he's saved baby's lives. He speaks to a lot of our values here.”

Republican strategist Ford O’Connell believes that Carson could be on his way to gaining important support for the Replican nomination.

“If Carson keeps his nose clean he could win those states," O'Connell said.

Publication date: November 17, 2015