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'Very Grim' Future Faces Middle East Christians

  • Religion Today
  • Published Feb 08, 2012
'Very Grim' Future Faces Middle East Christians

February 10, 2012

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and national security expert Judith Miller says Christians and other minorities face a "very grim" future as the radical Muslim Brotherhood inevitably comes to power in Egypt and other Arab countries. When asked why major media outlets were not covering the situation more, she said: "There is a reluctance to acknowledge what is happening, which is that these revolutionary movements that were spearheaded largely by secular, liberal young people have been taken over by Islamist forces, and there is an unwillingness to come to grips with the direction in which these revolutionary movements are moving. The United States now faces a region that is going to be increasingly Islamic, increasingly intolerant to minorities, particularly Christians, and to alternative ... points of view." Miller warned that Egypt could soon experience an economic meltdown, which would lead to "a turning by the Muslims on [Christians] in the hunt for scapegoats. And that is what the Christian community fears the most."