Vote Defeats Houston Transgender Bathroom Ordinance

Vote Defeats Houston Transgender Bathroom Ordinance

A nondiscrimination ordinance that would allow transgender people to use the restroom of their choosing was defeated in Houston this week, after 61 percent of voters rejected the proposal. 

Charisma News reports Houston Mayor Annise Parker, a lesbian, had supported the plan. The Democratic mayor attributed the defeat to a "small, very determined group of right-wing ideologues and the religious right."

Houston pastor Steve Riggle refuted Parker’s claim. Riggle was one of the so-called “Houston Five,” a group of five pastors whose sermons addressing homosexuality were subpoenaed by Parker in summer 2014. The subpoena was later rescinded. 

 "The people of the city have spoken and they have spoken loudly," Riggle said. 

Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd said, "Their message was clear and strong for religious liberty and for the dignity of each unique human being made in the image of God.” 

According to Charisma writer Todd Starnes, the rejection of the ordinance sent a message to America that religious liberty matters. 

Riggle said, "People are fed up. We're fed up with being threatened and intimidated. It's time for people across the nation to stand up and say we're not taking this anymore."

Publication date: November 6, 2015