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VP Pence’s Faith Under Scrutiny in NYT Article and Forthcoming Book

VP Pence’s Faith Under Scrutiny in NYT Article and Forthcoming Book

In the New York Times opinion piece, Mike Pence, Holy Terror, author Frank Bruni discusses the politics and faith of the current Vice President. Bruni’s article is centered around a new book, entitled The Shadow President: The Truth About Mike Pence.

In addition to discussing the Vice President’s political career in the article, Bruni hones in on Pence’s faith. Referencing his interview with Michael D’Antonio, co-author of the book, Bruni quotes, “‘People don’t understand what Pence is,’ D’Antonio told me. Which is? ‘A religious zealot.’”

Later expounding upon this idea, Bruni speaks to Pence’s conservative views on abortion, homosexuality, and same-sex marriage and how that has influenced his politics:

“Fiercely opposed to abortion, Pence once spoke positively on the House floor about historical figures who “actually placed it beyond doubt that the offense of abortion was a capital offense, punishable even by death.” He seemed to back federal funds for anti-gay conversion therapy. He promoted a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.”

“‘He is absolutely certain that his moral view should govern public policy,’ D’Antonio told me,” the NYT article says.

Bruni also says that, “According to D’Antonio’s book, Pence sees himself and fellow Christian warriors as a blessed but oppressed group, and his ‘hope for the future resided in his faith that, as chosen people, conservative evangelicals would eventually be served by a leader whom God would enable to defeat their enemies and create a Christian nation.’”

Criticism for this article has already started: “Pence’s original and most damning sin is that he’s a Christian who actually believes what Christians actually believe,” The Federalist writes.

“Pence is really no different than your run-of-the-mill evangelical, like millions of Americans. He believes that God governs the affairs of men, that prayer is effectual and worth doing, that marriage and family are best when built upon a married mother and father, that life is sacred and abortion destroys life, and that God appoints our government’s leaders, even those who are hostile to Him.”

Publication Date: August 7, 2018

Photo Courtesy: Facebook