Washington State: School District Reverses Decision, Allows Evangelism

Washington State: School District Reverses Decision, Allows Evangelism

A Washington state school district has reversed its decision to ban evangelism clubs from its schools.

According to OneNewsNow.com, Cascade School District initially banned the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) and the Good News Clubs from interacting with students due to a complaint from a parent.

The school district feared a costly lawsuit; however, they decided to reverse the decision after Liberty Counsel stepped in and explained to school officials that it is perfectly legal for the Christian groups to distribute flyers on school grounds.

The district then promptly reversed the ban. According to Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver:

"The Cascade School District made the appropriate decision to eliminate the unconstitutional policy and recognize that the Good News Club has equal access to students. Public schools cannot discriminate against Christian viewpoints and allow other organizations to promote their materials. We are elated with this victory for Child Evangelism Fellowship, for equal access and for our Constitution."

The Cascade school district has reportedly been pressured into enacting policies against Christian groups in the past. The atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the district, complaining about Gideon Bibles being distributed on school grounds in 2013.

Liberty Counsel also stepped in in that situation to prove to the district that distributing the Bibles was legal.  


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Publication date: January 23, 2017