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What to Pay Attention to in Tonight's GOP Debate

What to Pay Attention to in Tonight's GOP Debate

The fourth Republican debate is set to take place this evening (Tuesday) at 9 p.m EST in Milwaukee, WI. 

A lot is at stake for the eight candidates who will be on the stage. provides six things to pay attention to.

Firstly, take note of how Ben Carson responds to the ample criticism he has been receiving lately from the media. The retired neurosurgeon recently became the frontrunning Republican candidate, and with that title has come microscopic attention to what Carson says.

He has been questioned about the claims he has made regarding his past. When questioned by the media, Carson has firmly responded that it isn’t his responsibility to “corroborate everything I have ever talked about in my life.”

Secondly, take note of how Marco Rubio will defend himself. Rubio has been climbing in polls. He had strong debate performances and has done well under pressure. He will likely be on the defensive in tonight’s debate as he responds to questions of his use of a Republican Party charge card, his stance on immigration reform, and his voting record in the Senate.

Thirdly, tonight’s debate will be a chance for Jeb Bush to show if he can reboot his campaign. Bush has been criticized for his less than dynamic performances in previous debates and his numbers are declining in polls. He recently hired a media coach to help him with his tendency to be an introvert and not to go out on the offensive.

Fourthly, will Donald Trump continue to hold the spotlight? The business mogul has captured America’s attention since entering the presidential race, with his uncensored rhetoric and slogan to “make America great again.” However, he has been losing some traction and is no longer the frontrunner. Tonight’s debate may determine whether Trump will continue to garner support and attention.

Fifthly, take note of how Chris Christie performs in the earlier “undercard” debate. Last week, both Christie and Mike Huckabee failed to qualify for the main stage. This is, of course, a blow to Christie’s campaign. However, perhaps he will be able to stand out among the three other earlier debaters better than among the eight main stage debaters. 

"I've said since the beginning that it doesn't matter what debate stage I'm on," Christie said in a fundraising email this week. "Give me a podium and I'll be there, anytime, anywhere."

Lastly, the moderators of tonight’s debate, Fox Business and the Wall Street Journal, will also be in the spotlight after the last debate’s moderator fiasco. The CNBC moderators were accused by both the candidates and commentators of asking biased questions that held little substance, as well as trying to pit candidates against each other. Tonight’s debate moderators are sure to keep these things in mind.

Photo courtesy: Salem Radio Network

Publication date: November 10, 2015