70-year-old World War II Prayer Book is Returned to Widow of Veteran

70-year-old World War II Prayer Book is Returned to Widow of Veteran

A widow of a World War II veteran was recently surprised with a remarkable memento.

According to an ABC7 Eyewitness New report, Patricia DeFinis of Newtown, Pennsylvania was given a military prayer missal that belonged to her husband, Anthony DeFinis, while he was in the service of the U.S. military. 

Mr. Definis served on Okinawa and when his tour there was over, was sent to New Zealand before returning to the United States. Mr. Definis has since passed away, but his wife has just received a 70-year-old reminder of him.

Definis must have left the military prayer missal in New Zealand when he was shipped there before returning home because a military family living there recently found the book with Anthony Definis’ name and military serial number inscribed on the inside.

The family took the prayer missal to the U.S. Embassy in New Zealand in an effort to have it returned to its owner or a relative.

That’s how the prayer missal found its way to Pennsylvania and Patricia Definis.

"I'm totally amazed. I think it's fantastic that those people would hold onto to it for so long. To me, it's almost like a miracle," DeFinis commented upon receiving the memento of her husband.

Patricia DeFinis did not even know the prayer missal existed, but is very happy to be in possession of something that belonged to her husband, whom she remembers so fondly.

"It gives you a warm feeling to hold it and just to know he had it in his possession; it's like he's saying 'I'm good, I'm fine,'" DeFinis said.  

Publication date: August 19, 2015