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Young Contestants Memorize 840 Bible Verses in 9th Annual ‘Bible Bee’

Young Contestants Memorize 840 Bible Verses in 9th Annual ‘Bible Bee’

The final round of the ninth annual National Bible Bee took place this week. Participating contestants in the Bible Bee memorized 840 Bible verses in just 90 days.

According to CBN News, the Bible Bee is hosted by Christian actor and producer Kirk Cameron. Cameron explained why he loves being involved in the competition:

"Since the National Bible Bee started in 2009, I've been a fan and supporter. The National Bible Bee Game Show stirs up fun, excitement and a lot of 'intended consequences' in homes worldwide."

Three young contestants competed in the competition’s final round and one of them emerged victorious to take home $100,000.

The Bible Bee was streamed on Facebook Live and got 12 million views. In addition, the Bible Bee’s Facebook page has over 1.9 billion active users.

"There is something special that happens when young people commit the Bible to memory," said Steve Green, Chairman of Museum of the Bible who is also a sponsor of the show. "These kids are having fun and we are excited to be a part of its ground-breaking run on Facebook Live."

Contestants on the show not only compete for a prize, they are taught techniques for memorizing Scripture and given tools for studying the Bible.


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Publication date: June 7, 2017