Woman Offers Homeless Man a Job on Her Farm in Stunning Example of God's Love, Compassion

Woman Offers Homeless Man a Job on Her Farm in Stunning Example of God's Love, Compassion

People in need are all around us, but instead of giving him a few bucks, one woman found a unique way to help a homeless man.

Some problems are bigger and require a more detailed and nuanced solution than a few dollar bills. Throwing money at problems is not always the best solution. That's what one Canadian woman understood when she spotted a homeless man.

That woman, Danielle MacDuff, saw a man on a street corner, collecting change from people walking by. Instead of just giving him a handful of coins and going on her way, Danielle did something else, according to SunnySkyz.

She struck up a conversation with the man, 60-year-old Brian Bannister. The two ended up talking for nearly half an hour. By the end of their conversation, Danielle gave Brian an opportunity. She offered him a job on her farm.

Brian, who was living in a barn at the time, took Danielle up on her offer. 

The Woman Offers the Man a Job on Her Farm

"It floored me," Brian told CTV News Toronto. "It just came from the heart with her, and I got to thank her every day."

On her farm, Brian works every day with Danielle and the other staff members caring for the nearly 200 animals on the farm.

In addition to employment, Danielle provided Brian with a phone and a haircut – his first one in two years.

The kind woman went one step further and started a GoFundMe page for Brian. The description reads the money will be used to provide Brian with a "nice warm place he can call his own and rebuild his life."

The page's original goal was $5,000. However, currently, the page has raised more than $10,000.

Before meeting Danielle, and talking to and going to work for her, Brian had essentially given up on life. He is a survivor of abuse, battled and beat addiction and had lost two wives – one to cancer, the other killed in a plane crash.

Despite everything Danielle has done for Brian, she is grateful for what he has done for her.

"He's so kind, compassionate, he's amazing with my children, my animals," Danielle said. "And his willingness to help me on the farm is very, very much appreciated."

What a terrific example of Christ's love, compassion and kindness. Danielle, by taking the time to talk to Brian, got to know him and gave him an opportunity. She is helping to change Brian's life!

"And the King shall answer and say to them, ‘Truly, I say to you, inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me.'"Matthew 25:40

WATCH: Woman Offers Homeless Man Job on Farm

@ctvnewstoronto 60-year-old Brian Bannister was unhoused, overcame addiction, survived abuse and lost two wives, one in a crash, the other to cancer. Over the past two years, he says he gave up. But then he met Danielle McDuff in Newcastle, Ontario, who did more than just offer him a job on her farm. She also got him his first haircut in two years, a phone, access to government supports and an a rare camaraderie made possible through selfless acts of kindness. #ctvnews #ctvnewstoronto #toronto #ctvtoronto #news #explore #foryou #fyp #ontario #canada #gta #newcastle #farm #homeless #unhoused #actsofkindness #goodsamaritan #canadiankindness #goodnews #goodnewsstory #goodnewstiktok #newstiktok #kindnessmatters #actsofservice #homelessness #goodpeople #gooddeeds #canadiantiktok ♬ original sound - ctvnewstoronto

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