Woman Referred to in Trump Video Speaks Out

Woman Referred to in Trump Video Speaks Out

Julia Duin writes in a column for GetReligion.org that Nancy O’Dell, the woman who rejected Donald Trump in the infamous video released last week, should be recognized for her Christianity.

Duin says O’Dell may have rejected Trump because of her Christianity and reporters simply haven’t asked about it yet.

O’Dell, 50, host of Entertainment Tonight, has been described by reports as an “accomplished journalist and author.”

But Duin says that in her own research of O’Dell, she found that the Entertainment Tonight host is a Christian and attended a Methodist Church as a child.

“I’m not saying she talks about her faith all the time,” she writes. “She didn't for this 2013 Huffington Post piece, although knowing the animus against conservative Christians that can appear in HuffPo, I don’t blame her.

“There are other hints. In this piece that shows a photo of O’Dell with her husband, Keith Zubchevich, he is wearing a cross. That might mean something.”

O’Dell was married in 2005 by a Southern Baptist minister.

“Lots of publications are continuing to dig around about l'affaire O'Dell, but reporters – who don't know what to look for – are missing evidence that this woman might have had biblical reasons to walk away from Trump,” Duin writes.


Publication date: October 13, 2016