Woman Sues Church after Failing to Receive Promised Money for Keeping Quiet about Affair with Pastor

Woman Sues Church after Failing to Receive Promised Money for Keeping Quiet about Affair with Pastor

A woman who allegedly had an affair with a pastor of a Florida megachurch is suing the church for failing to pay her the money they promised to pay her to keep quiet about the affair.

Christian Today reports that Arlene Miranda filed the lawsuit against Orlando Baptist Church, claiming that the church failed to pay her the $3,000 it agreed to pay her for keeping quiet about her affair with the church’s pastor, Dave Janney.

Miranda stated that she is going public with the affair and the lawsuit not because she wants the money, but because she is convicted about her sin.

"I committed a sin. The Holy Spirit really, really convicted me and I wanted to come clean,” she said.

In her lawsuit, Miranda claims that last September, Janney made sexual advances to her and began texting her about his sexual fantasies for her. The couple then had an affair at the World Hope office.

Janney reportedly continued to text Miranda.

"I wish we had a better place and a better time for today. You're more than I fantasised. Be proud of yourself. [A]nd now please give me a few days to work through my mind my heart and talk to my Lord. More than anything I want to be the man of God and your pastor,” Janney allegedly told Miranda.

Miranda, however, revealed the affair to Pastor Don Norman. Janney then sent her threatening text messages, demanding she keep quiet about the affair.  

Janney and other church officials reportedly presented Miranda with a statement to sign which promised her $375 a week if she kept quiet. Miranda signed the statement, but says she never received payment.

Janney has since resigned from the church.

“Pastor Dave Janney resigned as the Senior Pastor effective Sunday, February 7, 2016, not because the allegations against him are true, but because he felt his resignation was in the best interest of the Church," said a statement from the church.

Publication date: February 16, 2016