Woman Who Lost All Four Limbs Thanks God for Saving Her Life, Lives a Joyful Life

Woman Who Lost All Four Limbs Thanks God for Saving Her Life, Lives a Joyful Life

A woman who lost all of her limbs due to a severe infection says her faith in God helped her choose to live her life with joy.

Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker, of Coral Springs, Fla., lost both arms and legs after she became ill with Sepsis in early 2017. She was six months pregnant with her second child when she became sick. Doctors were not able to save the baby, and she was taken to a hospital for surgery.

"Her family was at the bedside," said Dr. James Fletcher, Kayleigh’s doctor. "They had left the previous hospital and come to our hospital with some hope we might be able to restore circulation, but in this situation, there was just nothing additionally that could be done."

Kayleigh has undergone some 13 surgeries. Today, Kayleigh uses a prosthetic and is adapting to her new lifestyle.

"I try to look at the side 'let's see what I can do,'" she said. "I challenge myself a lot what I can do rather than just sit here and be like okay I can't do nothing, ain't got no limbs. No, I can't think that way.

"Many people come to me and my family and say 'how does she keep that smile through everything she's going through. She just lost her limbs; how does she keep her smile?’ And I always say to them I don't smile because I have no bad days. I smile because I'm still here."

Kayleigh and her husband, Ramon are members of Praise Tabernacle International. Their church family has been supportive of the couple.

"Only by His grace,” said Hugh Ferguson-Walker, Kayleigh's father-in-law and associate pastor. "Only by His grace. It's all about Him. He's the only one who can give you the strength to face all this."

Friends and family have started a fundraiser for Kayleigh to help raise funds for her medical expenses and to help build a handicap accessible home. Visit here to donate.

Photo courtesy: Bekka Mongeau/Pexels