Women Ordered to Stop Praying in Mall

Women Ordered to Stop Praying in Mall

Several women in Dublin Georgia were recently reprimanded for praying before a power walk around the local mall. 

The women, who call themselves “Dublin Girls Run” often gather to run road races in silly costumes. A few weeks ago, the group went to the mall for some exercise and formed a circle to pray before the walk, a tradition the Dublin Girls had adopted months before. 

The prayer was immediately interrupted by a mall security guard ordering the women to stop praying because it was “against the policy.” When the women asked to speak to the mall manager, he affirmed the security guard’s statement and added that the mall was private property. 

Tammy Brantley, Dublin Girls Run co-founder, asked the manager if people were permitted to say grace before dining in the food court. According to the mall manager, praying is not allowed in that circumstance either. 

Brantly said her group is now looking for a new place to walk. 

“I don’t want my ladies to feel intimidated. It’s already hard enough to get out and exercise,” she said. 

The mission of Dublin Girls Run is “to be healthy and be spiritually healthy, too.” Brantly said. The group does hope to return to the mall to walk if the prayer ban is ever lifted. 

Publication date: August 6, 2014