World Leaders Continue to Call for a Cease-Fire between Israel, Palestine

World Leaders Continue to Call for a Cease-Fire between Israel, Palestine

Diplomats with the U.N. Security Council and Muslim foreign ministers met in emergency meetings Sunday to demand a cease-fire in Israel.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield told officials in a meeting that the U.S. is “working tirelessly through diplomatic channels” to bring an end to the violence, The Associated Press reports.

President Joe Biden has not made a statement criticizing the fighting, and the U.S. has blocked efforts by other countries to approve a formal call for a cease-fire in the Security Council.

Many have criticized the president for not putting more pressure on Israel and Palestine.

“I think the administration needs to push harder on Israel and the Palestinian Authority to stop the violence, bring about a cease-fire, end these hostilities, and get back to a process of trying to resolve this long-standing conflict,” said Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff.

The battle between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas, the terrorist group, has continued for weeks. 

Recently, Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City demolished three buildings and killed at least 42 people. About 188 people have been killed in Gaza during the violence. Eight people have been killed in Israel.

The Israeli army said recent assaults targeted the houses of nine Hamas commanders and underground tunnels. The Hamas-run Health Ministry said of the 42 people killed in Gaza City, two were children under the age of three.

CBN News reported that the Israeli military has called or texted people to get out of harm’s way during attacks. They have also been using a technique called “roof knocking,” where they hit a building with a device to warn of an impending targeted attack.

On Sunday, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the country is trying to “levy a heavy price” on Hamas, and such action will “take time.”

According to CBN News, Gaza terrorists have launched about 3,100 rockets at Israel in a week, making the attacks some of the worst violence since the 2014 war.

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