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World Series Veteran Praises Jesus in Front of Fans

World Series Veteran Praises Jesus in Front of Fans

Professional baseball player Daniel Murphy recenlty shared his Christian testimony with fans after a baseball game on August 27.

The Christian Examiner reports that Murphy, who now plays for the Washington Nationals, participated in the Nationals’ recent Faith and Family Night at the ballpark. Murphy, along with teammates Blake Treinen and Anthony Rendon, spoke about their faith in Christ.

Murphy told fans that he has had highs and lows in his career, but it reminds him that Jesus does not value people based on their performance.

Murphy has been praised in the media as well as cursed. When he was playing well, one headline about him read “The Amazin’ MURPH,” but when he made a crucial error in game four of the 2015 World Series, the usually well-liked New York Mets second baseman was faced with headlines such as “DAMN MURPHY!”

This error contributed to the Mets loss against the Kansas City Royals.

If not for his faith in Christ, Murphy shared with fans, this would have likely crushed him.

"I know that Jesus loves me as much in this moment," Murphy said as he held up the news story with the negative headline, "as he does in this moment,” he continued, holding up the story praising him.

"Jesus was trying to make me look more like himself. I don't know about the rest of you, but that is a painful process. But it's worth it."


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Publication date: August 30, 2016