World Vision Reports Deaths of Sponsored Palestinian Children

World Vision Reports Deaths of Sponsored Palestinian Children

World Vision has reported the loss of four sponsored Palestinian children as a result of the conflict in Israel and Gaza. The children and lost lives from Israeli missiles and airstrikes that hit homes and UN shelters. 

Mohammed Zeyad Al-Rachel died on July 19 when an Israeli missile struck his room. Another unnamed sponsored child was killed on the same day. 

World Vision said in a statement, “His [Al-Rachel’s] mom expressed her devastation noting how she was looking forward to him starting school in August. Her dream was for her son to grow up and become a doctor. Unfortunately, he didn’t live to fulfill her dreams, or his.” 

A 5-year-old sponsored child, known only as Saher, was killed while playing in his home. World Vision said Saher "was a regular participant in the activities World Vision organized in his community in Gaza, including an event organized not long ago where children flew kites to promote peace and hope for a brighter future amidst rising tensions."

Mustafa Siyam, age 9, died July 31 while attempting to evacuate his home with his family. Siyam’s mother and two sisters, aged 8 and 8 months also died in an attack. 

The World Vision sponsored child is said to have enjoyed puzzles, board games and football. 

Siyam’s surviving grandfather said, "What is the fault of my family? What did these children and women do to the Israeli Government? I am very sad to lose my family, it is an unbelievable feeling.”

World Vision has called on Israel and Gaza stop cease violence and protect innocent children. 

"Children are precious in the eyes of God. Our government and political leaders engaged in this conflict must do everything within their power to protect the lives of innocent children who are literally being caught in the crossfire and continue to suffer the devastating consequences of the increasing humanitarian disaster in Gaza," said Dr. Mae Elise Cannon, World Vision senior director of Advocacy.

Publication date: August 7, 2014