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Young Prostitutes in India Finding Hope and Freedom in the Gospel

Young Prostitutes in India Finding Hope and Freedom in the Gospel

Many young Indian girls are sold into prostitution to support their families, but some are finding hope and freedom in Christ.

According to, some girls who are sold into prostitution are as young as four years old.

One such girl is Tehmina. Her family forced her to become a temple prostitute to earn money.

"Her father was taking her by the hand at midnight looking for customers, and then during the day her mother would take her on the streets," an indigenous ministry leader tells Christian Aid Mission (CAM). "By her earnings, the whole family would be taken care of."

Thankfully, Tehmina’s mother came to faith and shared God’s love with her daughter. Her mother entrusted Tehmina to Christian Aid Mission so she was able to go to school.

Eleven years have passed since then, and now Tehmina has returned home to care for her mother and to continue her education.

Sadly, Tehmina’s dismal start to life is fairly common in India where many families live in abject poverty.

But there is hope.

"We have seen many times these ladies come to us crying, very desperate, they have nothing, no hope was there, and then they receive Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and they return back, bringing the joy of Christ," shared a ministry leader from CAM.


Publication date: September 15, 2016