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Zimbabwe Pastor: Churches Can be ‘Game-Changing Voice’ amidst the Violence

Zimbabwe Pastor: Churches Can be ‘Game-Changing Voice’ amidst the Violence

Pastor Evan Mawarire, a Zimbabwe pastor who was forced to flee the country after receiving death threats, said that the church can play a key role in Zimbabwe’s future. reports that Mawarire started the #ThisFlag movement to protest the regime of Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe.

Conditions in Zimbabwe are dire, with widespread unemployment, corruption, violence, and lack of education and health services.

Mawarire and his family received death threats for his involvement in the protests, and was thus forced to flee to the U.S. from where he still speaks out against the violence in Zimbabwe.

Mawarire recently spoke on the BBC Radio 4’s Sunday program where he said that churches can be the “game-changing voice” in the country.

"It is amazing to see the unity of the body of Christ across the world. And the word of God the Bible implores people like myself to speak for those that have got no voices, to speak for the oppressed. So as a pastor there was never going to be a running away from the political situation in Zimbabwe," he said.

"Our voice as the Church is the game-changing voice in Zimbabwe's future,” he continued.


Publication date: August 22, 2016