Chrissy Metz Testifies to Prayer's Power in New Children's Book: God Hears Your Prayers

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  • Updated Feb 08, 2023
Chrissy Metz Testifies to Prayer's Power in New Children's Book: <em>God Hears Your Prayers</em>

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Emmy-award-winning This Is Us actress Chrissy Metz has often said prayer is integral to her daily life, and in a new children's book, she encourages children to pray while telling them that God is by their side, both day and night.

When I Talk to God, I Talk about You is co-authored by Metz and songwriter Bradley Collins and includes colorful illustrations of animal families accompanied by text with rhyming verses about prayer. It's intended to be read by a parent or adult with a child. "I prayed for the day that you would arrive; I dreamt of your smile and the color of your eyes," one of the first pages reads, accompanied by a picture of a mama bird with an egg. By the end of the book, the animals – bear and deer among them – are resting peacefully at night: "Tonight as you sleep, so cozy and still; God hears your prayers and always will." Artist Lisa Fields illustrated it.


"For me, prayer was always really important. My grandmother instilled that at a very young age. And it really has thankfully stuck with me throughout my whole life," Metz (This Is Us, Breakthrough) told Christian Headlines. "... It just means a lot to me."

Metz wants the book to help children understand that prayer is similar to talking to a friend.

"That's really what prayer is, is a conversation with God," Metz said. "... I do it all the time. I mean, morning, noon, night and in between. And when you sort of demystify what it is, you really start to create an actual relationship with God. … You don't have a friendship with a friend if you don't call them, right?"

Collins said he didn't understand what prayer was at a young age. He and Metz have been dating since 2020.

"My grandfather was very sick," he told Christian Headlines, referencing a time from his childhood. "And I remember thinking, well, what can I do? And am I allowed to pray? Do I know what to say? Am I allowed to talk to this Higher Power and ask for help and guidance? Mainly I was praying for his health and for my family to feel better about it all. And he ended up passing when I was in eighth grade. But [for about] five years there, I just didn't know what I was doing … or if I could or if I should."

Collins wants children to understand that "you can have a relationship with God," he said.

The book, Metz said, is also for parents who view prayer as a "massive concept" and don't know where to begin. "Just sort of de-stigmatizing what prayer is" is important, she said.

"Hopefully, it'll touch parents just as much as the children," she said.

Flamingo Books, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers, published it.

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