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‘Fireproof’ Still Impacting Marriages 10 Years Later, Kirk Cameron Says

  • Michael Foust Crosswalk Headlines Contributor
  • Updated Jul 26, 2018
‘Fireproof’ Still Impacting Marriages 10 Years Later, Kirk Cameron Says

A decade after Fireproof became the top independent film of 2008, it continues to impact lives. Actor Kirk Cameron, who starred in the lead role, thinks he knows why.

“Nobody wants to fail when it comes to marriage and family … if things are right in their home, things are right in life,” he told’s Pure Talk in a video interview. “… I think Fireproof speaks to that core value that God [has] put in us.”

Cameron said a stranger came up to him at church one recent Sunday and explained the impact Fireproof was having on him. A friend had urged the man to watch the film.

“I’m in the eye of the hurricane right now with my wife … I don’t know what to do but I just know that God’s trying to get my attention,” the man told Cameron.

Said Cameron, speaking broadly about the film, “You are called to be Christ to [your wife], to lay down your life for your bride and to love and lead your children to advance the Kingdom. And Fireproof speaks to those sensibilities.”

The film starred Cameron and Erin Bethea and was the third movie from Alex and Stephen Kendrick, the Georgia filmmakers.

Cameron was engaged at age 19 and married the next year. He’s been married for 27 years and has six children. He often speaks about marriage at seminars.

“The opportunity to speak from experience on this subject is big because I’m up to my ears in it right now,” he told Pure Talk. “… I am so glad for the parents I had, for the people who held me up when I struggled — and held me down when I strayed — and for a God who loved me enough to get a hold of me and put me on a higher road.”

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