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'Hollywood Has Taken Note' of Christian Movie Success, Filmmaker Says

  • Michael Foust Crosswalk Headlines Contributor
  • Updated May 22, 2023
'Hollywood Has Taken Note' of Christian Movie Success, Filmmaker Says

A filmmaker who has been involved in some of the most popular faith-based movies says Hollywood is pouring more resources into Christian films because of their success at the box office.

Filmmaker Karl Horstmann produced 2017's The Case for Christ – the story of Lee Strobel – and has helped make several recent films, including two released this year: On a Wing and a Prayer, which stars Dennis Quaid and is on Prime, and Southern Gospel, which stars Max Ehrich and debuted in theaters before transitioning to UPtv. He was a producer on both.

Horstmann believes the quality of faith films has improved, in part because of resources.

"Hollywood looks at faith films now as a legitimate genre. ... Even 10 years ago, they were not seen that way. I think they were most often seen as niche specialty films," Horstmann told Christian Headlines. "And I think [the reason] the faith market has done so well is because the audiences have turned out to support these films in such big ways, in big numbers, like with I Can Only Imagine."

I Can Only Imagine grossed $83 million at the box office. He also pointed to the success of Jesus Revolution, which grossed $52 million.

"Those audiences have turned out," he said. "And Hollywood has taken note of that and said, 'Hey, this is a legitimate genre, and we should treat it as such.' So I think we're seeing more and more resources poured into faith projects because of that. And I think that alone will elevate the quality of that entertainment and of those films."

Horstmann founded Triple Horse Studios, a production company. He joked that he tells his team he wants "more Jesus, less cheese-us" Movies are one of the "last few places" in society where people "let their defenses down" and enjoy the product, he said.

"So I think as faith filmmakers, we have a message that we're trying to just make people aware of – that God loves them. Without any judgment, God loves them," he told Christian Headlines. "And we want to tell those stories to people so they realize that."

Photo courtesy: ©Karl Horstmann, used with permission.

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