This Bible Sign Could Break 4 Guinness World Records

  • Michael Foust Crosswalk Headlines Contributor
  • Updated Sep 21, 2018
This Bible Sign Could Break 4 Guinness World Records

The caretaker of a massive hillside Bible sign in Mexico hopes to break four Guinness World Records while also spreading a positive message about God’s Word.

Gabriel Andavazo, a pastor in Ciudad Juárez, is caretaker of a huge hillside sign that can be seen miles away and that says in Spanish: “The Bible is the Truth.” Made of stone, it recently was re-painted with the help of around 2,000 people, according to Evangelical Focus. It’s often called the “Hill of the Bible.” 

Andavazo has submitted paperwork to Guinness to break four world records, the website reported: 

  • “World's largest invitation to read the Bible.
  • “The sign that covers the largest space (30,000 square meters).
  • “The sign painted by the largest number of people by hand. 
  • “The sign with the largest letters in the world (up to 50 meters long).”

The mayor of Ciudad Juárez even took part in painting the letters. 

Many people, Andavazo said, have started reading the Bible after seeing the sign. But he added that “the Guinness record is not the most important thing.” Instead, it is “to let everyone know that just one passage of the Bible is the greatest Guinness record made by God himself.”

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Photo courtesy: Guinness World Record en Juárez Facebook Page