'Unacceptable': Google Shuts Down Pro-Life Group's Ads but Still Allows Pro-Choice Ads

  • Michael Foust Crosswalk Headlines Contributor
  • Updated Sep 15, 2021
'Unacceptable': Google Shuts Down Pro-Life Group's Ads but Still Allows Pro-Choice Ads

Google has shut down all ads from a major pro-life group due to a dispute over one of its ads about abortion pill reversal, the group says.

Live Action, a pro-life group founded by Lila Rose, said on Tuesday that all of its Google ads were shut down due to Google’s “unreliable claims” policy – a move that effectively bans Live Action from advertising on the platform.

Google’s action apparently centered on Live Action’s abortion pill reversal ads, which told women they could reverse their medical abortion if they had taken the first pill but not the second. (The abortion pill is a two-step process.) The headline said: “Did You Change Your Mind? Do You Regret Your Choice?”

Rose said the abortion pill reversal method had saved 2,500 unborn babies from medical abortion.

The abortion pill reversal ads had been running for about four months.

After banning the pro-life ads, Google continued to allow pro-choice ads for the abortion pill to run on its platform. The company’s action sparked frustration throughout the pro-life community, including from members of Congress.

“Once again Big Tech is silencing and censoring the pro-life movement,” tweeted U.S. Sen. Steve Daines (R-Mont.). “This is unacceptable. @Google. must reverse their decision now.”

Abortion pill reversal includes treatment with the hormone progesterone, which “has been safely used for decades as standard treatment to prevent miscarriages,” Live Action said. It has a 68 percent success rate, according to the pro-life group.

“The abortion industry opposes abortion pill reversal, which tends to cast doubt on the idea that all women who choose abortion are certain of their decision to abort, and because between 39 and 41% of all abortions are now done using the abortion pill method – a significant source of income for the industry,” Live Action said.

Google also shut down ads for Live Action’s groundbreaking animated video showing a baby developing in the womb.

“This is a blatant, political double standard: Google is ok with ads promoting life-ending drugs, but not life-saving treatments,” Rose wrote. “Where’s the ‘choice?’ for women, @Google?”


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