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Unplanned Is a Box Office Hit in Canada: ‘Minds Are Changing’

  • Michael Foust Crosswalk Headlines Contributor
  • Updated Jul 16, 2019
<em>Unplanned</em> Is a Box Office Hit in Canada: ‘Minds Are Changing’

The abortion-themed movie Unplanned surpassed expectations at the Canadian box office over the weekend, grossing more than $300,000 in 49 theaters and even bettering the U.S. box office in per-theater average.

The film’s $7,214 (USD) per-theater average gross was higher than what Unplanned did on opening weekend in the U.S. ($6,027). 

Unplannedgrossed $353,510 (USD) on opening weekend in Canada.

“Canada wanted Unplanned and Canada got Unplanned," said Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, the movie’s co-directors. “We are grateful to the people of Canada for their bold witness for life. What Abby saw is what Canada is now able to see firsthand. 

“Canadians are seeing the reality of abortion and the power of redemption. Hearts and minds are changing,” they added

BJ McKelvie, president of Cinedicom, the film's Canadian distributor, also was impressed with the opening numbers.

“It’s overwhelming to be a part of this international movement," McKelvie said. “Against all odds, we successfully brought Unplanned to the people of Canada.”

The movie tells the story of former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson, who changed her mind about the issue after witnessing an abortion. 

Some theaters in Canada were sold out, according to reports on social media.

“I went to get my ticket to see #unplannedmovie. I had to get in on the late showing... because all the others were sold out,” one person tweeted. “I guess even death threats aren't going to keep Canadians, from seeing this movie.”

Another Canadian moviegoer tweeted, “My husband and I went to the first showing in Kanata (Ottawa) yesterday. The theatre was packed and the audience clapped at the end. Powerful movie! Thanks for sharing your story, @AbbyJohnson!”


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