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2 Public Libraries Change Course after Initially Denying Kirk Cameron's Faith-Based Story Hour

2 Public Libraries Change Course after Initially Denying Kirk Cameron's Faith-Based Story Hour

Actor and outspoken Christian Kirk Cameron celebrated a significant victory over the weekend after several libraries that initially refused a story hour for his new faith-based children's book reversed course.

More than 50 libraries had recently rejected Cameron's request to host a story time hour promoting his book As You Grow, published by Brave Books. However, two public libraries have rescinded their decision after the Growing Painsactor said he planned to seek legal action.

"I'm happy that the two libraries changed their decision and will allow my voice to be heard and my book to be read," Cameron told Fox News over the weekend.

"I hope they realized that their position of denying me a story hour reading was not only unfair and illegal but that we would all be better off if we listened to each other's perspectives," he added.

"I hope that this victory acts as a source of courage for Christians and conservatives across the country to be brave and not back down, making sure that we are the salt of the earth and the light of the darkness."

As reported by the Daily Wire, Cameron is scheduled to host a story hour in the two public libraries next week. First, he will read his book at Indianapolis Public Library on Thursday, December 29, 2022. The following day he will hold a reading at the Scarsdale Public Library in New York.

"I love situations in which we have two ways to win and zero ways to lose," Trent Talbot, CEO of Brave Books, told Fox News. "We forced these bullies to either take off their masks and show their true colors of unabashed anti-Christian and anti-American bias (as well as catch themselves in a spicy lawsuit) OR the bullies were going to realize that Kirk and Brave were here to fight and they would back down."


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