87 Percent of Americans Say at Least 1 Prayer Was Answered in the Past Year: Survey

87 Percent of Americans Say at Least 1 Prayer Was Answered in the Past Year: Survey

According to a new survey by the Radiant Foundation, an overwhelming number of Americans say that they have had at least one answered prayer in the past year.

The "2023 American Prayer Wrap" survey included a nationally representative sample of over 1,700 Americans and was released last Thursday on the annual National Day of Prayer. The results found that 87 percent of respondents reported that at least one of their prayers were answered in the last 12 months.

Meanwhile, 85 percent of Americans say they connect with a higher power by praying (61 percent), meditating (39 percent), practicing mindfulness (38 percent), reciting affirmations (30 percent) and practicing spiritually based yoga (14 percent).

The survey also reported that the average American prays twice daily and for 18 minutes a day, The Christian Post reports.

Additionally, 84 percent of respondents said God hears their prayers regardless of their manner of belief.

When asked when they preferred to pray, most respondents said around bedtime (55 percent). Other responses included at sunrise (50 percent), night (45 percent), dinner (29 percent), the afternoon (27 percent), breakfast (27 percent), the commute to work (25 percent), during a walk (25 percent), before school or work (20 percent), during chores (16 percent) and sunset (15 percent).

Almost all Americans have engaged in prayer on their own (94 percent), while others pray with their families (67 percent) or with members of their religious or spiritual groups (61 percent).

In the past year, eighty-three percent of respondents reported praying in their bedroom, while 61 percent reported praying in their car. Less than half of those surveyed have prayed at their house of worship in the past year (46 percent), while even fewer prayed in nature (43 percent), in the shower (40 percent), at a cemetery (23 percent), at a religious shrine (18 percent), at school (16 percent), on public transit (14 percent) or at the gym (11 percent).

Regarding common prayer requests, 76 percent of Americans say they have prayed for a loved one during a time of crisis, the health of someone who is severely sick (71 percent), other people suffering during a time of crisis (68 percent) and for their own health when they are all ill (56 percent).

The survey by the Radiant Foundation and Skylight, who commissioned the study in conjunction with City Square Associates, a Boston-based research firm, was conducted in April.

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