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'A Mighty Move of God': Asbury University Revival Spreads to Two More Schools

'A Mighty Move of God': Asbury University Revival Spreads to Two More Schools

A week after a revival sparked at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky, several other Christian schools reported revivals breaking out on their campuses.

"A mighty move of God started this morning at Lee, and it has been building throughout the day. We are approaching the 10th hour, nothing but voices in prayer, worship, and repentance," Lee University Campus Pastor Rob Fultz wrote on Monday.

According to CBN News, Fultz's post included a clip of students worshipping the Lord inside the campus's Stone Chapel.

"Update: 12 hours in, still growing, still worshipping, still repenting. Isaiah 64 – rend the heavens oh Lord and come down!!!" he said in a subsequent tweet.

Early Tuesday morning, Fultz noted that students were still worshipping inside the chapel.

"1:30 am, salvation, deliverance and healing are here! Isaiah 40 - a voice calling in the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord," he wrote.

In an update early Thursday morning, Fultz shared that Lee University had entered into its fourth day of revival.

"It's 4:15 am entering the fourth day … this is what I am witnessing. 'Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.' Matthew 5:6," he wrote.

In addition to Asbury and Lee University, a revival at a Baptist university in Cedarville, Ohio, reportedly broke out this week, with students participating in nonstop prayer and worship.

As reported by The Christian Post, Cedarville University President Thomas White shared that the revival began Monday morning while students were going through Psalm 86 during an on-campus chapel service.

"So, we took a moment to pray and to sing a song," White recalled. "And during the song, without an altar call or invitation of any kind, we had some students who began to come forward and pray."

"And so, when I went back up to the stage — the sermon was over at that point — we just began to pray and began to sing. And, before the chapel was over, there was an altar full of students just praying, and some were weeping, others were hugging one another."

While the chapel service concluded at around 10:45 am, many students remained there to pray and worship. Others returned to the chapel after classes. According to White, a typical chapel service has around 3,000 students, with roughly 1,000 choosing to stay after service to worship the Lord.

White says the revival continued on Tuesday and Wednesday and noted that some students were led to nearby schools to evangelize and pray that "the Lord will have a unique outpouring on those campuses."


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