Arkansas Named Most Pro-Life State by Pro-Life Law Firm

Arkansas Named Most Pro-Life State by Pro-Life Law Firm

Americans United for Life (AUL), an anti-abortion public interest law firm and advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., has ranked Arkansas as number one on its “Life List” for 2021.

According to CBN News, the list was published last Wednesday as part of AUL’s annual ranking of the nation’s 50 states based on their pro-life policies. Arkansas topped the list as the state passed more laws protecting the unborn than any other state in the country.

AUL President & CEO Catherine Glenn Foster made the announcement during a press conference in Little Rock last Wednesday.

“Every year the team at Americans United for Life ranks all 50 states on how welcoming and protective they are to all human life," she said. "For 2021, I couldn't be more proud (sic) to announce that Americans United for Life has ranked the great state of Arkansas as the most pro-life state in our union!"

Foster noted that Arkansas has passed “a whopping 10 pro-life laws” since 2019. The laws were all to go into effect in June following the Supreme Court’s Medical Services ruling.

“The right to life demands respect and protection, from the very beginning of life when we can only see the dark of our mother’s womb, till the end of our life when we may rely the most on those around us for care and support, from beginning to end, no matter what,” Foster asserted.” Arkansas understands that reality.”

“Congratulations to Arkansas and every state which made a difference this year in the fight for life. We look forward to even more progress in 2021,” she concluded.

The AUL also published its list on Twitter on Wednesday. Out of all 50 states, the following made the top ten on AUL’s list:

1. Arkansas

2. Louisiana

3. Oklahoma

4. Mississippi

5. Indiana

6. Kansas

7. Arizona

8. Missouri

9. South Dakota

10. Idaho

“Arkansas has been named the Most Pro-Life State in the Nation by @AUL!” Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge tweeted. “It's an incredible day in the State and it is the most important fight we could take on and WIN!"

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