Bodie Leaves The Voice Judges Speechless after Delivering Powerful Worship Performance

Bodie Leaves <em>The Voice</em> Judges Speechless after Delivering Powerful Worship Performance

Bodie Kuljian, who goes only by Bodie, delivered a powerful worship performance during the finale of The VoiceMonday night that left the judges speechless and in tears.

Bodie, who ultimately came in second place in the singing competition show's 22nd season, sang the worship song "Gratitude" by Christian singer/songwriter Brandon Lake.

As reported by The Christian Post, he told the judges that he was dedicating the song to his three children.

"I know it's not much/ But I've nothing else fit for a king/ Except for a heart singing hallelujah/ Hallelujah," Bodie sang.

As the song progressed, a choir joined Bodie, raising their hands in worship as the audience held up lights.

"So come on, my soul/ Oh, don't you get shy on me/ Lift up your song/'Cause you've got a lion inside of those lungs/ Get up and praise the Lord," he continued.

The judges, Gwen Stefani, John Legend, and Bodie's coach Blake Shelton, were blown away after the performance.

"I'm choking on my tears over here," Stefani said. "You have a superpower behind you, it's a truth. I think it comes from your pure faith that you have...I can't even speak right now, that was so beautiful."

Meanwhile, Legend called Bodie a "leader," saying, "Whatever you want to do, you have that in you."

Shelton told the singer that he delivered "one of the most moving performances I've seen in a long time on this show."

Bodie ended up in second place despite the powerful performance. Bryce Leatherwood, also on Shelton's team, was declared this season's winner.

Lake, who watched Bodie's performance on television Monday night, said he is thankful millions of people were blessed by a song worshipping God.

Bodie thanked Lake for his inspirational music.

"Brooooo, you're such an incredible inspiration to me and so many others. Such an incredible honor to sing this song on TV love u brother," he wrote.

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