Houston Baptist University Changes Name to Houston Christian University

Houston Baptist University Changes Name to Houston Christian University

The President of Houston Baptist University announced Wednesday that the school has changed its name to Houston Christian University.

"Houston Christian University more accurately epitomizes our student body and reflects the faculty, staff, alumni, and community we serve," Dr.  Robert B. Sloan, the school's president, said in a statement.

"We are committed to being a distinctively Christian university that welcomes all Christians to benefit from our excellent academic programs," he added. "This historic university appeals to people all across the spectrum of Christian denominational life, and this new name clarifies who we are."

The name change is part of the HCU's growth campaign to expand its residential campus to 4,200 students and online campus to 5,800 students.

"We want to extend the influence of our mission while also appealing to as many students as possible," Dr. Sloan said.

He added that the university had considered changing its name multiple times in the past 16 years, but it was only in the past two years that the University task force of trustees came to a decision and officially approved the name change. The change was approved on May 17, 2022.

HCU will also partner with Carnegie, a leading higher education marketing and enrollment strategy firm, "to take our brand of traditional Christian higher education to the next generation of students," Dr. Sloan said.

Dr. Sloan asserted that the HCU's core convictions and historic Christian commitments will not change despite the name change.

"We believe that authentic and faithful Christian higher education, rooted in a scriptural worldview, is ever more critical in a fractured society in need of reconciliation, hope, and healing," Dr. Sloan said.

"By changing to Houston Christian University, we are striving to be even clearer about our convictions. We are committed to Jesus Christ. We are committed to the Scriptures. We are committed to the Gospel and its power to draw all people to Christ. And we are committed to being 'salt and light' in the world,' he added.

HCU was initially launched in 1960 as Houston Baptist College and was later renamed Houston Baptist University in 1973.

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