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Joe Biden Is 'Morally Bankrupt,' Democrats Are a 'Godless Party', Pastor Robert Jeffress Says

Joe Biden Is 'Morally Bankrupt,' Democrats Are a 'Godless Party', Pastor Robert Jeffress Says

Dr. Robert Jeffress, a staunch Trump supporter and pastor of First Baptist Dallas, recently lauded the President for believing in justice and mercy as he surprised Alice Johnson with a full pardon.

Last weekend, Jeffrees told Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth how he was present in the Oval Office last week when Trump extended the pardon. At Trump’s request, Jeffress then led a prayer where he thanked God “that we have a President like Donald Trump who believes, yes, in law and order and justice, but he also believes in mercy."

Johnson, who also spoke at the 2020 Republican National Convention, previously had a life sentence commuted by Trump in a federal drug case.

"I feel like a person that has everything totally restored ... to not have to report to a probation officer. I can travel, I can truly live a free life now," Johnson told host Martha MacCallum on Friday’s broadcast of “The Story.”

"When it comes to being tough, nobody is tougher than Donald J. Trump, but when the situation calls for kindness, nobody is kinder or [more] gracious than he is," Jeffress said. "That's what we want in a leader.”

The Texas-based pastor then criticized an endorsement made to Joe Biden by 350 faith leaders from Faith2020, a multi-faith coalition. The group comprises leaders from all backgrounds of faith including Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Muslims, among others.

In the letter, Faith2020 endorsed Biden for the “moral clarity” needed to “restore the soul of this nation,” Fox News reports.

"Electing Joe Biden to provide moral clarity is like hiring Jesse James to provide bank security," Jeffress said. “The fact is Joe Biden is bankrupt, along with the Democrat Party when it comes to morality."

Despite Biden’s Catholic profession of faith, Jeffress then cited how his pro-abortion stance differs from the Catholic Church.

"The fact is the Bible, God and even Biden's own Catholic Church provide moral clarity on these issues. Joe Biden just chooses to ignore those teachings. That's why he's fuzzy in his thinking," he said.

The Texas-based pastor also praised Trump’s line from last week’s RNC speech about looking to God, not the government for redemption.

"[Democrats] are a godless party. We saw that on display during their convention," Jeffress said. "They can't even talk about God in a proper way, so they have made government their god."

Earlier this month, as Christian Headlines previously reported, Jeffress asserted that evangelicals voting for Biden have “sold their soul to the devil.”


Evangelicals Voting for Biden Have 'Sold Their Soul to the Devil,' Pastor Robert Jeffress Asserts

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