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Most Americans Say Religious Institutions Are Watering Down, Leaving Core Beliefs

Most Americans Say Religious Institutions Are Watering Down, Leaving Core Beliefs

According to a new survey from Rasmussen Reports, many Americans fear that religious institutions are “watering down” or abandoning traditional beliefs.

The survey, which included a national sample of 1,056 American adults, reported that 75 percent said that faith is important to their everyday lives, an increase from 71 percent in 2018.

A number of religious denominations partook in the survey, including Evangelical Christians (25 percent), Catholic (21 percent), Protestants (16 percent), Jewish (3 percent) and Muslim (1 percent). Another 17 percent held to some other religious faith, while another 12 percent said they were atheists, The Christian Post.

When it came to the importance of faith, 69 percent of Evangelical Christians consider faith to be important to their daily lives, as well as 60 percent of Catholics, 45 percent of Protestants, 33 percent of Jews, 37 percent of Muslims, and 52 percent of those who identify as some other religion.

On the other hand, 52 percent of Evangelical Christians contended that religious institutions are watering down or abandoning their traditional beliefs, including 30 percent of Protestants, 41 percent of Jews, and 34 percent of Catholics.

Across political lines, 35 percent of participants who are Republican leaning Evangelical Christians, and 23 percent who identify as Democrats agreed, in addition to 19 percent of adults who lack any political affiliation. Meanwhile, 23 percent of Republicans and Democrats who identify as Catholic also said this is true about present-day religious institutions.

Also expressing the same opinion include seventeen percent of respondents, 18 percent of Democrats, 14 percent of Republicans, and 16 percent of the unaffiliated that identify as Protestant.

The survey was conducted from April 9-11, with the margin of sampling error at +/- 3 percentage points with a 95 percent confidence level. 

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