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Poll: Most Americans Say the Moral Lessons of Easter, Passover Are 'Important' for 'Ensuring a Strong America'

Poll: Most Americans Say the Moral Lessons of Easter, Passover Are 'Important' for 'Ensuring a Strong America'

A new poll found that more than two-thirds of likely American voters believe that the moral lessons behind Easter and Passover are essential to "ensuring a strong America for future generations."

According to The Christian Post, the Convention of States Action and The Trafalgar Group published the results of the survey, which focused on the influence of both holidays on U.S. voters, on Monday.

The report found that 72.6 percent of respondents said the moral lessons in Easter and Passover are either "somewhat important" (20 percent) or "very important" (52.6 percent) in guaranteeing a strong future for the nation.

Conversely, 11 percent of respondents said the moral lessons of both holidays were "not very important," and 16.4 percent said they were "not important at all."

The Trafalgar Group's survey also found that people's opinions changed based on which political party they identified with. According to the group, 66.6 percent of Republican respondents said the moral lessons were "very important," while only 35.9 percent of Democrats responded the same.

Among Republicans, just 8.7 percent said the moral lessons were "not important at all," while 27.8 percent of Democrats said the same.

According to Mark Meckler, president of the conservative Convention of States Action, the findings showed that Americans do not "place less and less value on faith," contrary to popular opinion.

"Parents want our children to be taught to know and respect God, value freedom, observe the golden rule, and to achieve a good and great society through hard work and sacrifice," Meckler said in a statement.

"These are some of the fundamental values taught to us through our Judeo-Christian heritage," he continued. "This is the foundation of all that is exceptional about the United States of America."

Easter Sunday, also known by Christians as Resurrection Sunday, celebrates the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ following his death on the cross. Passover is an annual Jewish holiday commemorating the exodus of the Jews out of Egypt, as detailed in the Bible.

The survey was conducted from April 5 to 8, with a sample size of 1,079 likely general election voters. The study has a margin of error of 2.99 percent with a 95 percent confidence level.


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