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Samaritan's Purse Airlifts Ukrainian Refugees to Canada: 'We Can Have Hope Again'

Samaritan's Purse Airlifts Ukrainian Refugees to Canada: 'We Can Have Hope Again'

On Sunday, Evangelical Christian humanitarian aid organization Samaritan's Purse airlifted 28 Ukrainian refugees to safety in Toronto, Canada, from Poland.

The organization used one of its DC-8 cargo planes to carry grandmothers, mothers and children of all ages.

Natalia, who is eight months pregnant, shared that it has been a difficult and emotional journey for her and her family.

"It has been so hard. We were preparing for our new baby, and then we had to put our whole life in a suitcase," Natalia explained. "We did not know where we would go. We just ran away. Then God gave us mercy when we were found by Samaritan's Purse. We can have hope again," she said.

As reported by CBN News, Natalia and the other Ukrainians on the flight have family members in Canada that they will be staying with as the war rages on in Ukraine.

Evangelist Franklin Graham, the president of Samaritan's Purse, has visited Ukraine twice since the war began, including delivering a special Gospel message on Easter Sunday.

"God bless these people who have been through so much and had to leave everything behind except what they could carry," he said during the final clearance for the airlift. "They are desperate and hurting. We need to continue to pray for the people of Ukraine and do everything we can to help them."

In a post on Twitter, he shared a video of the airlift.

Samaritan's Purse, based in Boone, North Carolina, has been conducting operations in Ukraine and its surrounding countries since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24. So far, the organization has set up an emergency field hospital in the besieged country and has conducted 13 airlift missions to deliver over 330 tons of relief supplies.

Samaritan's Purse doctors and nurses are also working at multiple medical facilities across Ukraine. Collectively, they have tended to over 8,700 patients.

Further, Samaritan's Purse has provided more than 1,433 tons of food to Ukraine and Moldova and 17,500 backpacks for children.


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Photo courtesy: ©Samaritan's Purse, used with permission.

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