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Speakers to Recite Entire New Testament from Memory at 5-Day Event

Speakers to Recite Entire New Testament from Memory at 5-Day Event

People will gather this week for a special event titled "The Great Recital," where speakers will recite the entire New Testament from memory, word for word.

The event, led by the Institute for Creation Research (ICR), will take place at the ICR's Discovery Center from October 11 to 15.

Professor Tom Meyer, also known as the Bible Memory Man, will be one of the featured speakers at The Great Recital. He will deliver a dramatic presentation of the New Testament each day.

In a recent CBN News interview, Meyer shared that this is a first-of-its-kind event. No other time in church history has there been an event "where all 27 books, all 260 chapters, all 8,000 plus verses, all 180,000 words are going to be spoken word for word from memory."

"And in doing this, number one, we're doing this right before the midterms," he explained. "A public proclamation of the word of the living God to let the nation know, and to let individuals know what God requires of thee. Number two, we want people to understand that these are just common, normal people reciting God's word from memory. And if they can do it, if they can memorize large portions of scripture, those watching from home can do it too, and receive the blessing that can come from it."

Meyer added that reciting God's Word in public was a tradition amongst the people of Israel and noted that the special event takes place on the same week as the "Feast of the Tabernacles," an annual Jewish holiday.

"It's the perfect time to do it," he told CBN News. "Every seven years in antiquity, they would read it aloud so the nation would know what God required of them. And so, what better time to do it than when the ancient Israelites did it when God wanted it done? Right before we go to the midterm polls and vote and see what God lays on our hearts. Do we vote this way, or do we vote that way?"

"Are we one nation under God?" Meyer asked.

The Bible Memory Man also highlighted the benefits of memorizing the Bible, including "hiding God's Word in our hearts" and having "instant access to the mind of God."

"We can have words of comfort in times of need. We can wield our sword, the list goes on and on of the blessings that come from hiding God's word in our heart," Meyer said.

The Great Recital will start at 10 am each day. The event will also be livestreamed on the ICR's YouTube channel.

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