Suspect Remains at Large after Brutally Beating Pro-Lifers Praying Outside a Maryland Abortion Clinic

Suspect Remains at Large after Brutally Beating Pro-Lifers Praying Outside a Maryland Abortion Clinic

A suspect who recently beat two pro-life supporters outside a Maryland abortion clinic remains at large.

On Friday, an unidentified man severely beat 80-year-old Dick Schafer and 73-year-old Mark Crosby while both pro-life activists were praying outside the abortion clinic.

John Roswell, another pro-life activist, told LifeSiteNews that Schafer is recovering at home while Crosby is still receiving treatment at the hospital since the "plate bone in his upper right cheek is completely fractured" and he "is bleeding from some unidentified area behind his eye and the bone eye orbit is completely shattered and will have to be replaced with metal."

On Saturday, Dr. Jay Walton, president of the Baltimore County Right to Life group, recounted the incident in a Facebook post, which included pictures of Crobsy, who was bloody and had a severely swollen right eye from the attack.

"He and another prolifer were attacked from behind and the thug ran away," Walton wrote. "Mark is currently in the hospital being treated for the serious injuries he sustained."

As reported by The Christian Post, he also prompted the pro-life community to "pray that Mark makes a full recovery and that the thug that did this to him is found and dealt with swiftly."

According to CBN News, surveillance footage showed the suspect aggressively approaching and speaking to Schafer. The suspect turned away from Schafer but then rushed back toward him and tackled him over a large ceramic flowerpot.

In response, Crosby ran to Schafer's defense, but the man threw him to the ground and started punching him in the face. The suspect also kicked Crosby in the face with "extreme force," police said.

Walton launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the expenses of Crosby's medical treatment.

"For years, Mark has prayed in front of the Planned Parenthood in Baltimore City to let the scared, young abortion-minded women know that they are loved, that their baby is loved," he wrote. "Please donate to show Mark how much HE is loved."

As of Thursday, $41,881 were raised for Crosby, well exceeding the fundraiser’s $10,000 goal.

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