'You Are Not Alone': Christian Leaders Hold International Day of Prayer for Muslim-Background Believers

'You Are Not Alone': Christian Leaders Hold International Day of Prayer for Muslim-Background Believers

On Wednesday, various ministries and Christian leaders across the world will be praying for Muslim-background believers (MBBs) who have turned to Christ from Islam.

In an interview with CBN News, Haruan Ibrahim of Al-Hayat Ministries spoke about the prayer event and explained why MBBs are at risk of persecution for leaving Islam.

"Islam is a religion that does not allow people to change it, and if you reject Islam you will be punished. You will be given three days as a chance to get back. If not then you can be persecuted," he told the outlet.

Ibrahim then described various ways of persecution that take place in Islamic countries, including death.

“In many of the countries they don't kill them, but in some of the countries, they do. Many people would lose their jobs, their families, their children, their wives; and then their families, unfortunately, we can say that in some cases they lose their lives,” he explained.

Nevertheless, Ibrahim noted that MBBs believe that it is worth being persecuted for Christ as they recognize the value of the truth of the gospel that sets them free.

It is believed that MBBs make up one of the fastest-growing Christian communities in the world.

Ibraham added that Communio Messianica, a global network founded by MBBs, was established in an effort to cultivate a sense of belonging among MBBs who otherwise often feel isolated from one another and from the global body of Christ.

According to the Communio Messianica section of the MBB Global website, there are baptized Christians in every Muslim-majority country in the world.

The international prayer event will be livestreamed on CBN News’ YouTube Channel at 10 am.

Ibraham will be leading in prayer along with Moroccan and Christian host Sister Imane.

In July, as Christian Headlines previously reported, thousands of Iranian Muslims fed up with their Islamic government were giving their lives to Christ in a spiritual ‘pandemic of hope.’

At the time, a reported 3,000 conversions were taking place each month since the pandemic hit the country in March.

Converting to Christianity, however, would not be easy as it is deemed heretical to leave Islam in Iran as many believers would be arrested.

In a separate event last Sunday, several Christian organizations held a day of prayer for Christians in China, India, and Nigeria who have faced increased persecution throughout the pandemic.


Christian Organizations Hold Prayer Event for China, India, Nigeria amid Increased Persecution

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