Pro-Lifers Rally Behind Teen Mom of Twins Profiled in Washington Post, Help Raise over $50,000

Pro-Lifers Rally Behind Teen Mom of Twins Profiled in <em>Washington Post</em>, Help Raise over $50,000

Pro-life activists and organizations are rallying behind a fundraiser for a teen mother who gave birth to twins but told The Washington Post she had considered an abortion.

The mom, Brooke Alexander, launched the GoFundMe fundraiser Tuesday with a $50,000 goal which was crossed Wednesday after pro-lifers, including Lila Rose of Live Action, urged their social media followers to support her financially. Alexander is 18.

“Friends—- Let’s show our support for Brooke, Billy, Kendall and Olivia, the young family recently written about by the @washingtonpost! They deserve all the encouragement in the world. Donate below,” Rose wrote on Twitter, where she has 265,000 followers.

The Human Defense Initiative, a millennial-led pro-life organization, also got involved, encouraging its followers on social media to donate to the fundraiser.

Rose had been highly critical of the Washington Post for the article, calling it a “cruel, condescending piece.”

“You objectified her & her beautiful girls for your own pro-abortion ideology,” Rose wrote earlier this week.

The story noted that Alexander learned she was pregnant 48 hours before a Texas law went into effect that prohibits abortions if an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detected. The story ran under the headline, “This Texas teen wanted an abortion. She now has twins.”

On her fundraiser page, Alexander says her husband is also 18 and recently left for basic training.

“I’m worried I won’t be able to provide for us,” she writes. “The funds will be used to buy diapers, wipes, formula, etc. We will also use the funds to help pay for bills such as my car payment, insurance payment, phone bill, etc. We are struggling to get by, and any donation helps. Thank you.”

Her GoFundMe page is filled with words of encouragement from individuals who donated.

“God bless you and these sweet babies!” one woman wrote. “There is a large and supportive pro-life community here to help you along this journey. Those babies are a gift, and you are strong and courageous being their mother!”


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