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Steph Curry Was Nearly Aborted, Mom Reveals: 'God Had a Plan for that Child’

Steph Curry Was Nearly Aborted, Mom Reveals: 'God Had a Plan for that Child’

The mother of NBA superstar Steph Curry reveals in her new book that she scheduled an abortion when she was pregnant with him but ultimately canceled the appointment and continued the pregnancy.

God, she says, interceded.

Curry is generally considered the greatest shooter in the history of the game and owns the NBA career record for most 3-pointers.

“God had a plan for that child,” Sonya Curry told podcaster and pastor Luke Norsworthy.

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Her new book, Fierce Love: A Memoir of Family, Faith, and Purpose, recounts her life story, including her raising of two future NBA players: Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors and Seth Curry of the Brooklyn Nets.

NBA fans know Sonya as the cheering mom who often is seen on television following her sons’ basketball heroics.

“If I would have gone through that, there would have been no Wardell Stephen Curry II,” she said on the podcast, referencing Steph Curry’s full name.

The “Spirit,” she said, was “interceding at that moment in a way that I didn't even know at the moment was happening.”

It would have been her second abortion, she said.

“I don't want to make that decision again,” she said, summarizing her emotions at the time. “And now I've just gotta trust God to move forward with me having this child.

“... I’m getting emotional thinking about it,” she said on the podcast.

Sonya Curry said she thinks about her one abortion “all the time.”

“I think about my first situation, and it's always something that will stay with you,” she said. “And you just wonder where he or she is, what he or she is doing. I know they're in heaven — I believe he or she's in heaven.”

Her Christian faith, she said, gives her strength when she feels shame.

“... There's consequences for our decisions. But … we shouldn't live in shame and judgment forever. ... And the only person that can actually give us that peace of mind is God,” she said. “And He's waiting. He's there to do it.”


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