Florida Suspends Abortion Clinic's License after Abortionist Severely Injures 3 Women

Florida Suspends Abortion Clinic's License  after Abortionist Severely Injures 3 Women

A Florida abortion clinic's license has been suspended after three women were injured in separate procedures by an abortionist who lacked medical experience and gynecological surgical training.

According to CBN News, Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration issued an emergency suspension of the American Family Planning clinic license in May after three women were injured during individual procedures conducted by Dr. Christopher Saputa. One abortion was performed on March 23, another on April 28, and the third on May 5.

On July 13, the Florida State Department of Health published a 35-page report calling Saputa's practice as a medical doctor "an immediate, serious danger to the health, safety, or welfare of the citizens of the State of Florida."

The report also noted that the abortionist lacked medical experience and had not completed any gynecological surgical training.

"An independent medical expert reviewed Dr. Saputa's curriculum vitae and determined that Dr. Saputa does not have the education, training, or experience to be competent to perform gynecological surgeries or procedures and that his continued performance of these surgeries is a public safety hazard," the report added.

The first patient, a 27-year-old woman identified as K.J., reportedly experienced vaginal bleeding to the point where "blood was spilling onto the floor." The second case involved a 22-year-old patient identified as D.W., who met with Dr. Suputa to terminate her pregnancy. She was around 12 weeks pregnant at the time.

A week after getting the abortion, D.W. went to the hospital, where physicians performed an emergency abdominal laparoscopy on her. She had gone into septic shock, and doctors found a teratoma (a type of tumor).

After reviewing her case, experts concluded that Dr. Saputa punctured the young woman's uterus, which led to inflammation and later sepsis.

The third patient, a 36-year-old woman identified as D.C., was around 19 weeks pregnant when she received an abortion from Dr. Saputa.

According to the report, the woman was given twice the recommended dose of misoprostol, an abortion pill, within a six-hour period. Additionally, it was not advised that D.C. should receive a higher dosage since she previously had 2 C-sections.

D.C. was later taken to a hospital in Mobile, Alabama, where it was discovered that Dr. Saputa had punctured her uterus. According to the report, D.C.'s husband drove her to the hospital while she reportedly passed out in the car and made gurgling sounds. After arriving at the hospital, doctors determined that D.C. was in critical condition and just minutes away from death due to significant blood loss.

"The irreparable harm done to these women is a direct result of American Family Planning and Dr. Saputa's dismal medical standards," Missy Martinez-Stone, CEO of the pro-life watchdog group Reprotection, said in a statement. "Both parties should be permanently banned from medicine."

On Tuesday, Reprotection announced that it had assisted the Florida State Department of Health in suspending Saputa's medical license by leading an investigation into the abortion clinic.

The clinic, however, plans to fight the suspension. It filed an appeal with the state's 1st District Court of Appeals in June.

Further, Dr. Saputa has denied any wrongdoing and has instead shifted the blame onto the facility.

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