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Second Woman Accuses Pastor John B. Lowe II's Son of Abuse: My Life Was a 'Living Hell'

Second Woman Accuses Pastor John B. Lowe II's Son of Abuse: My Life Was a 'Living Hell'

An ex-wife of the son of accused Pastor John B. Lowe II says Lowe’s son, Jeremiah Lowe, was abusive toward her while they were married and even killed one of her dogs.

“Since other brave men and women have come forward with their stories, I am coming forward with a little more of mine,” said the woman, whom chose not to identify by name.

The woman posted a picture of herself along with her story online.

“What you can’t see behind that smile was that my life was an absolute living hell,” she wrote. “What you can’t see is that on numerous occasions, I thought this was going to be it for me, the walls of that dumpy trailer were going to be the last thing I saw as I finally suffered for the last time at the hands of my abuser.

“What you can’t see is the fear I lived in every day, not knowing what would set him off or if that day would be a day I could just breathe for a moment. What you can’t hear is the sound of items being thrown or broken, the sounds of my abuser screaming at me and calling me horrible names, the sound of me crying, being drug down the hall by my hair, and pleading with him to just stop.”

She also said Jeremiah beat one of her dogs to death and took their second dog in their divorce.

She said Jeremiah’s parents were not concerned about her and knew some of what was happening in their marriage, but “nothing changed.”

“I was manipulated with the Bible and constantly reminded that with God, all things are possible.”

The woman is the second to come forward to allege that Jeremiah Lowe was abusive.

The first woman, Jessi Kline, posted her story on Facebook, claiming that Jeremiah molested her when she was a child and he was her babysitter.

Jeremiah then allegedly told her she could not say anything because she would “get in trouble,” and pastor Lowe would “get mad.”

“I was so scared, and I didn’t understand because I was a child,” Kline said.

She said her family confronted Jeremiah’s parents, but they convinced the family not to go to the police.

Later, Kline claimed, the church said the family “made the story up for attention.”

The accusations follow initial allegations that Jeremiah’s father, John Lowe II, sexually assaulted a woman when she was 16.

In a viral video, Lowe confessed to the church that he had been in a sexual relationship over 20 years ago.

“I sinned. I need to say that, and you deserve to hear it,” Lowe said.

But Lowe’s confession was trumped when a woman took the stage unexpectedly at the church to say she was a teenager when the abuse started.

“The lies and manipulation have to stop,” she said.

Lowe has since resigned, and the Kosciusko County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating.


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