Christian Sports Broadcaster Sues Fox Sports Over Dismissal

Religion Today

Craig James, who was fired by Fox Sports Southwest because he voiced views reflecting traditional biblical belief, is going to court over his termination, reports. James, a former NFL Pro Bowler and ESPN analyst, was dismissed by Fox Sports Southwest just one day after he was hired. Jeff Mateer, general counsel for Liberty Institute, said Fox Sports made it clear why they fired James. "They have said themselves that the reason they terminated him was because of his religious beliefs concerning marriage," Mateer said. "Craig actually believes that marriage is between one man and one woman -- and he said that during a U.S. Senate debate over a year ago" in his unsuccessful race for the seat that Ted Cruz eventually won. The attorney explained that the lawsuit is not just about Craig James and Fox Sports. "It's really about an attitude in corporate America and whether corporate America can somehow impose, in their view, some sort of political correctness," Mateer said. "But really what it comes down to is: Can people of faith act on and believe a certain thing? Can they express a biblical belief about marriage?" Liberty Institute sent a letter demanding that James be rehired, but it was ignored. Consequently, a lawsuit was filed in Collin County, northeast of Dallas. A hearing will be held early next month.